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I have an employee who while diving a semi for my company,

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I have an employee who while diving a semi for my company, had an accident, rolled the truck, and who says he wasn't speeding. All observed evidence points towards him lying about it. I want fire him for that but, am not sure if it will come back on the company in any way.

LADYLAWYER : Hello, Thanks for choosing! I look forward to helping you with legal information today.
LADYLAWYER : Is he a member of a Union? Do you have any type of employment contract with him? Is there an employee handbook that would lay out your company's policy for hiring and firing?
LADYLAWYER : Also, did he hurt anyone else in the accident?
LADYLAWYER : Hi, can you see my questions to you?

Not in a union, no contract, no specific handbook. Didn't hurt anyone else.

LADYLAWYER : Thanks. In that case, there is nothing preventing you from terminating him. ND is an at will state, which means you can fire an employee without a contract or other, specific policy preventing it, at any time for anything except for something protected by the government like race, age, disability, religion, or any of the other protected classes.
LADYLAWYER : There is no liability for you here if you let him go.

Thank you.

LADYLAWYER : You are most welcome. Thanks for being such a valued customer here at JA. Hope I have given you excellent service today and that your rating will reflect that. If there is ANYTHING more I can do for you, please just let me know.
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I already submitted, and don't know if it has gone thru

LADYLAWYER : It did not.
LADYLAWYER : they are having site bugs

Ill try again

LADYLAWYER : Sorry. Just to make sure, it is not the save and exit, but the smiley face.
LADYLAWYER : So silly, I know :)
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