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The dhs intake worker keeps sending me letters that are threatening.

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The dhs intake worker keeps sending me letters that are threatening. She just sent another letter telling me my children would be adopted if I didn't follow everything on the fsp...we never had an fsp. She "referred" us to TWO reunification programs. Isn't a referral a suggestion? But we NEVER got an fsp. When I asked her about it, she said we didn't make one yet. After asking her several times when we were going to do it, she ignored me. During court she admitted she lied about them being in imminent danger. Then she said "oh it is health and safety" I brought in tons of evidence signed by doctors etc to prove her wrong. She had no evidence. When the judge, the child advocate, the two lawyers all agreed to release the children, she came up with my daughter weighd 200 pds. She admitted neither her nr the nurse weighed her. I have evidence from her doctor that it was a lie. They were removed from our home March 6th. We have never created an fsp, so the longer it takes the less time we have to complete everything.

LADYLAWYER : Hello, Thanks for choosing! I look forward to helping you with legal information today.
LADYLAWYER : You said the judge decided to release the children?

okay, it is complex to me

LADYLAWYER : I know, it is because both the judicial system and an administrative agency are involved.

They went in his office and the lawyer told me everyone agreed to release the children but dhs, so now we have to go back


on april 23rd to see the dhs nurse, but i already have proof that the dhs lawyer is a quack

LADYLAWYER : Okay. To answer your question, yes, the judge can release them on dhs's objections and it sounds like that is what is going to be done here.
LADYLAWYER : not surprising! I fight dhs all the time.

The doctor for the kids said there is no salt in bananas and that Neveah does not weight 200 pds

LADYLAWYER : That is not a reason to keep her that should stand up in court.
LADYLAWYER : And especially if it is untrue.

She sent me this letter saying I have to complete the fsp or m children would be adopted but we have never created an fsp.


The longer she waits the less time we have to work on it.

LADYLAWYER : Right. You need to show the letter to the judge and tell him that, which will be more evidence of her negligence.
LADYLAWYER : DHS cannot terminate your parental rights without the court ordering it, so you are not at risk for that.
LADYLAWYER : Do you have another hearing set with the court?

How can all of this go on without NO evveidence from her? I had to prove everything and she is jst throwing things out from what she thinks in her brain


april 23rd


thats when the dhs nurse speaks. But I already have proof thattt she lied too from the childrens doctor

LADYLAWYER : okay, good. It goes on all the time, all across the country. These agencies are allowed to just run wild and really don't answer to anyone. The only way they are kept in check is by the courts but even then, the court only makes specific rulings on very narrowly tailored issues.
LADYLAWYER : You are doing absolutely everything right.

So what do I do? Write a letter? Appeal?


My lawyer is a public defender. He did good considering I didn't meet him until the day of the court

LADYLAWYER : Right now, you need to write a letter to the judge and attach a copy of dhs's letter on the fsp. You will say that there is none in place and you want the judge to order that one be out in place so you can follow it or order the children released.
LADYLAWYER : So glad to hear that. They are usually worthless.
LADYLAWYER : Are you speaking to your lawyer in the meantime?
LADYLAWYER : He can file this for you.

Thank you you are WONDERFUL!!!! How do I make it so I can talk with just you everytime I get on? I will probably have a lot more questions before this is over


I don't even have his phone number.

LADYLAWYER : oh, okay. Make sure you get it next time you see him.
LADYLAWYER : i am happy to keep talking to you about this here in the future. No further charge.
LADYLAWYER : just sign back on the site, click on the "my questions" tab, click on this question and leave me any follow ups you may have.

Wow thank Jesus I love you:)

LADYLAWYER : Haha! yes, thank you Jesus!
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