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Hi, I received a voicemail on my home phone from a company

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Hi, I received a voicemail on my home phone from a company claiming I need to contact my lawyer as I have a civil affadavit that includes a restraining order. The name of the company they cited was Prime Asset Locators. I am an English professor and have never had any altercations or have committed any crimes and to my knowledge do not owe any outstanding bills. They gave me a case number XXXXX said I'd have to contact them within 48 hours as there is an order to show in court. I'm thinking this is some kind of scam or that they have the wrong number, but just wanted to see if you had any advice. When I tried calling their offices were closed and will try again tomorrow.
Thanks for any help you might have.
Thank you for your question.

This very well could be a scam in that they claim you owe money, try to frighten you by telling you there is a show cause order, and then if you call back, get information from you to get you to pay them. It doesn't make sense that there would be a restraining order over a debt (since those are typically seen in cases involving things like domestic disputes, not civil litigation), and if you did have a restraining order, you would have been served noticed. I can't find any listing for a company called Prime Asset Locators, either. Even if you were being sued for a debt, you would have had to been served and notice given to you.

It's also possible, giving them the benefit of the doubt, that they have confused you with someone else. Either way, there is an easy way to check, and that is by contacting the Clerk of the Court in the county where you allegedly have this court appearance. While I doubt the court case # XXXXX XXXXX real, a clerk should be able to locate any cases just by using your name. I'm sure it's not going to turn up anything.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your response. They did not claim on the voicemail that it had to do with a debt, I am just assuming since I have never had any altercations with anyone who might want a restraining order against me. But the information I was looking for is what you gave me--though their company and caller ID said Richmond VA, if I check with the local court in LA county, they can tell me of any supposed outstanding lawsuits or other legal matters against me? This is very useful. I wasn't sure where to look. Credit reports give good info on debt, but not legal issues. Would this cover both civil and government claims? I'm not paranoid by nature, but such companies should not be allowed to cause such anxiety in innocent people, as I'm sure you'd agree.

Thanks again. I'll start there.

Anyone entity or person who had filed some sort of legal action would have had to do so with the court, yes, so they should be able to look up your name and see if any court cases come up.

If is "company" is claiming there is a restraining order, then that would not be a government action, but as you correctly noted, would have to do with a person or persons alleging some sort of dispute. Given the company name, they would appear to be involved in the collection of debts, which would go along with the idea that this may be a scam - fool people into thinking they must go to court, then tell them they can resolve the matter for a small fee.

The Los Angeles Superior Court actually has an online search feature that allows you to search by Party name, you can look up names, though they charge a $4.75 fee to do so. The link is here:
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you so much for all your help. I will do that.

You're very welcome. Good luck to you.