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Thomas Swartz
Thomas Swartz, Attorney
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I am sure this maybe on e of the craziest questions yet. I

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I am sure this maybe on e of the craziest questions yet. I was playing games on line in Pogo. I developed a relationship with this man that was living on and off with this woman for 10 years. I was not using my real name. She found out the relationship and sent me many threatening messages.
Since then hge passed away Aug.1, 2011. She wrote to me and told me she wanted us to be friends and we would send messages back and forth. I never admitted my real name.
Today I received a message that she had me investigated, knows him I am and is now going forward with litigation.
Her boyfriend or as she claims husband.........said she is bi-polar and has been in and out of hospitals for trying to comitt suicide.
I have a list of about 20 different names she played under to spy on us.
He told her that we were in love etc. to make her jealous at the time.
Does she have any way to sue me for playing under a different name. Everyone makes up different names. She just scares me she is nutz! Help

No she would not be able to sue you for using a different name. First, in order for her to commence any legal action against you, she would have to know your real name and address where she could serve legal papers on you. If she does not know who you really are or where you live, she can not obtain jurisdiction over you.

Second, she would have no legitimate claim against you. There is no recognized claim for causing someone to fall into a relationship with someone. Some states recognize a cause of action against people who "break up a marriage" called "alienation of affections." But this is only available for people who are actually married, not for people who just live together.

I think you should just completely ignore this person. Stop all communication and forget the matter.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thomas she claims she does know my name and address and has confirmed that. They were never legally married but claim to be common law marriage. We only communicating on line..I never met this man. He did call my cell phone a few times and that is how she traced the name.

So she can not sue me for being someone else. This man died on August1, 2011. I will copy the message.

From: gillslilgurl2428 Add to Friends List | Block this Sender | Report Abuse
Subject: Re: Untitled Message
To: millertime451,
Received: Fri 3/15

Though the message of 2/20/2013 went unanswered , your living status is known as is your true being... As per Anthony's wishes and as you are aware the investigation has been completed and the litigation against you is in preparation. Acceptance of this email through gillslilgurl is your acknowledgement equally that all transmissions from the one of your many characters better known as millertime dating back to 2011 August are also in receipt


It is still very unlikely she would have any claim. Do you know what state she lives in? Most states do not recognize "alienation of affection" lawsuits. Nor do they recognize common law marriages. But if you can tell me the state she lives in, I will check.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Houston, Texas.............She is crazy and just scres me to death.

Texas prohibits "alienation of affection" lawsuits by state statute (Texas Family Code § 1.107). So you should have no worry about her commencing a lawsuit against you for having a relationship with the man.

If she continues to send you harassing communication, you could bring the matter to the attention of your local police.

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