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I did a campaign last year to raise funds for

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I did a campaign last year to raise funds for a photography project. The total raised was just over $7,000 (of which I received just under after kickstarter's cut).
I currently live in Japan (3 years), though I'm heading back to the states this month. For the project, I was required to create an amazon payments account to get the funds via kickstarter. I was not allowed to use my Japanese bank account but was told that I could use my missouri account and all would be fine, so I did. When signing up, it requires a business name and I just assumed the project title was it with me as the registrant. So now I'm trying to get my taxes ready and come to find out I may be in trouble for failing to register a fictitious business name in Missouri. A misdemeanor. I was in Japan and the whole project was in Japan and all my donors knew I was in Japan. So the thought of a Missouri Business name never even came up. Help! What should I do?
You say you "found out" that you needed to register the name. Were you contacted by the state regarding this?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No. I just stumbled into it on my own and I'm wondering if filing my taxes is going to send out a beacon to come and get me. I don't know if I have done anything wrong. I don't feel like I did, but then again, people get in trouble for clerical mistakes all the time.

Thanks for your reply.

You have not done anything wrong per se. You can go ahead and file the fictious name registration with the state. This will cover you retroactively.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you. You have spared me another panic attack.Smile