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I went out on disability leave, dettached retina surgery, which

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I went out on disability leave, dettached retina surgery, which I did on my time, where upon my position was terminated and I found myself unemployed, whereas, my insurance, which I have been paying into for 10 years also went away. I would not know the results of the surgery till approxamatley a month later, which did not take, leaving me virtually blind in my left eye.
Am I to understand that I can make my old insurance, I have none at the moment, retroactive to the day of my unemployment and ceasation of my insurance.
I have since had another surgery to possibly stabilize the condition.
The insurance company has been paying thier part of the bills for the operations, but per the insurance companies payouts for a disabling occurance, they had a provision for loss of sight.
Am I still entitled to what was in my insurance policy provisions.
It seems like I have been thrown off a cliff
I have no insurance, no job, my short-term disability carrier, has terminated my claim and unemployment will not come close to paying my mortgage payments.
I am at a total loss of what to do.

When you were working in Columbia, what was your position and for what company were you working?

Were you based permanently in Columbia, or in Florida?

If only temporarily in Columbia, how long had you been there by the time you took the leave?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I dont know if this is where I respond, but I worked as a AT-802 technician with DYNCORP International. I was on a rotational basis, 15 /13 for a period of almost 10 years


15/13 means 15 weeks on work 13 weeks off?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

15 days on 13 days off, of which 2 were travel days, meaning that we actually had 11 days free. It was / is a pretty good gig

Sounds like it. OK, but when you were off, did you come back to the US, or did you live in Columbia?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

returned to the states, although I did have an apartment for my girlfriend, now wife.

Because you were not stationed full time in Columbia, there is a possibility that the FMLA applies.

The Family Medical Leave Act provides for 12 weeks unpaid leave and protection from termination during that time period each year.

You should submit a claim through the Department of Labor Wage and Hour division (contact your local office).

If the claim is successful, you could receive missed back pay and future pay/reinstatement.

In regard to your insurance, you are entitled to COBRA insurance coverage, which will extend your insurance benefits but you must pay more in premiums (it can be rather expensive). You should have received a COBRA package from your company after your termination. You need to look for it and fill it out. If you cannot find it, you need to contact DynCorp's human resources department and ask them to send you a package immediately help you register for COBRA.

Please let me know if you have further questions. If not, please consider rating my answer positively so that I am compensated by the website for my time on your question.

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