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On Saturday I get a latter telling me an image on my website

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On Saturday I get a latter telling me an image on my website I have not rights to it. I was not aware that the image on my site that I get off a old CD what stolen off gettyimages as soon as I was told about it I toke it off but they say I need to pay 875.00 in 14 day I do not have money I have bring out of work for 4 years now what can I do

You say you got the image off an old CD, what exactly do you mean by that? The CD had a digital image on it that you uploaded? Or did you scan a image into a file?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It was a cd off images I get of a artist that was moving out of state

Did the artist take the photograph?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No it was a stock photo a lot of them sad to say I no longer have this CD so I can not tell any more info on what was in it because I deletes all the images off my site to be safe


Getty image is the copyright owner and own an ENORMOUS amount of photographs. They regularly patrol websites and try to find their photos so that they can press the website owner for the licensing fee, which is what they are demanding in the letter.

Because you were using one of the images they owned, you have violated their copyright. This is true even though you did not know that they owned the image and it came from someone else. You are therefore liable to them in the end and will likely have to pay something to them.

The question is really how much you will be required to pay. You can attempt to settle with them by making an offer. However, in the end, they may attempt to either sue you or turn you over to a collection agency which may sue you.

So let's talk about your website. What kind of website was it? Did you generate a lot of traffic on it? This will help me tell you how to respond to Getty.
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