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Good afternoon, this is Brian Chase again. I had signed up

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Good afternoon, this is Brian Chase again. I had signed up for premium monthly use of your service and had trouble getting responses from you. Response lapse time was actually due to my computer and if you could forward all your emails that contain the answers to my questions to my other computer I would surely appreciate it. My alternate email [email protected]
there is a certain urgency related to the question of Donna Henshaw's incarceration in Durban South Africa and just exactly what lockup she is located in. I need to know for a fact if she is or is not incarcerated. Once again if you could forward all my email communication to you and your answers to me back to the above address it would solve all my problems. Sincerely XXXXX XXXXX
Are you in the US?
Do you know this person personally or just from the internet?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i need to know if Donna Henshaw is truly incarcerated in the Durban city jail.? That's all I want to know. If she's incarcerated down there in South Africa, Durban in particular what she's charged with, and what her bond is. If you are going to email me your response please email it to my alternate email address. Which [email protected] yes I am from the United States but so is she is only 40 miles from my house. She went to the Durban to work on the stadium project there was returning home when she was arrested, supposedly. All I want to know is.... Is she in jail in Durban South Africa? Thank you

I need to know Early to know

I am going to opt out since we have no access to South African jail records. If you do not know this person personally and have only met on the internet I can tell you that this is a common scam on the internet and you need to check with the Internet Crime Complaint Center before you send anyone any money. I have provided the website below. This is a division of the FBI and they can confirm what I told you.
I am sorry, your previous expert opted out, but was correct. Did you get notice of this alleged arrest by email?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i am disappointed in Just Answer's legal experts response to my question. Everybody wants to throw the blame on a scam which it might be but you have no proof until you let me know whether or not Donna Henshaw is incarcerated or not in the city of Durban South Africa. I wanted one question answered and that was it. With the answer you gave me I have no resolution to the question and therefore rate your services substandard/poor.

Good day, I apologize for your frustration, but we see customers with the same exact question you have posed on a daily basis so we are fairly attuned to what is going on in these cases, even though the names change. It is a virus that attaches to a person's email and it sends these emails out to everyone on their email address book and we see them daily and prior to this nobody ever even answered you we were trying to find out information from you first.

We wish you all of the best in this and we are going to move this to South Africa law where one of the experts might have some access to the jail records in that country, because we do not have them in the US.
Hello Jacustomer,

Experts here at JustAnswer are prevented by our terms of service from representing the interests of a customer off of this website. We cannot call a police precinct for you and make inquiries about an arrested person. We are a general information company and not a private investigative service. All we can do is steer you to where you can find this out for yourself. Bear with me, for a bit, however, as I may be able to be of some assistance anyway.

The above two experts have given you correct information. There is a scam going around where someone's facebook or email accounts are hacked and every one of their friends and loved ones in their address book gets a distress call. It's affectionately known as the "grandparent" scam, because they are the ones quickest to send money, as well you can imagine.

There are also romance scammers and one very popular scenario is an arrest at Customs and a request for bail. You can see that on the list of excuses here.

Scammers' emergency scenarios are scripted because they work. They are high on drama and short on credibility.

I don't know whether you have met this woman before or she's just your on line romance who was coming in to meet you for the first time when suddenly she was derailed from her plans and just wants to meet your money instead.

In any case, if she's not a citizen of South Africa the place to find out where she is is the Embassy in South Africa. It is their job to assist countrymen who have found themselves afoul of the law, to help them get representation and to help them access their own money to bail out. There is nothing that you would be able to do for her more ably right now than the Embassy and her lawyer, assuming her crisis is real. It is the job of the Embassy to serve as a liason and a lifeline at times like these.

Embassies get notified upon the arrest of a countryman, but even if this one slips through the cracks, they will be able to find out quickly whether anyone named Donna Henshaw is being detained. If she's an American, you can contact the US Embassy that serves Durban. I am linking you to their contact information here. If she has different citizenship, you can call the appropriate agency.

Good luck!
Zoey, JD, Attorney
Category: Legal
Satisfied Customers: 26800
Experience: Active member of the NYS bar since 1989
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