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2 ? with interviewing lawyers how do payments work? Whats

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2 ? with interviewing lawyers how do payments work? What's standard re: retainer etc? What is it called to pay a lawyer once the case is won? Also with a civil lawsuit is their an option to settle out of court thru lawyers and have pay doc'd? I don't trust that he will pay on his own accord. Thanks

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Most contracts for legal services are on an hourly basis. Some attorneys, mostly personal injury lawyers do work on a contingency fee basis, so they are not paid until they prevail on behalf of the client and then a portion of the judgment/settlement is used to pay the attorney's fees.

There is no standard retainer. Each attorney will typically evaluate the case for him/herself and determine whether a retainer is necessary and if so, how much to charge as a retainer.

Yes, most cases do settle before going to trial, although a lawsuit may have been filed. Mediation is another alternative to settle disputes, either before or after suit is filed.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Are there anyhidden laws re a disabled individual (disabled b4 the marrage) receiving money after the divorce from a marriage that lasted 4 years with no children? The original judgement didn't have an ending date due to a bad lawyer , now fired. That judgement has been paid for 4.5 years 1/2 of the monthly salary of the spouse with a job. Not the disabled individual not working. Along with full medical insurance etc. The disabled individual gets that money tax free and was left w/ o any debt
Girl from CA
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