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Hi, I am seven days from my divorce mediation. There is

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Hi, I am seven days from my divorce mediation. There is a minor and a house. There is a custody battle, and we both want the house. As per court order we went through a psychological evaluation, wife was Baker Acted in Florida due to an over dosage of sleeping pills. She is very aggressive, hostile, the narcisistic type, maybe bipolar. Acting pro se, I have requested three times the psychological evaluation of both and an updated financial affidavit. Her attorney has not replied. The psychologist did not answer the phone. Had to send another request today to her attorney with copy to my child's gal. Gal responded that she spoke with the psychologist and her computer had crashed, but she will soon have the report, sound to me fishy. Wife called me today very upset because I keep requesting the documents before mediation. I do not think to be able to reach an agreement without those important documents. How should I condut myself at mediation if by that time I do not have the documents? This sounds to me like an obstruction of justice. What are my options?

As you may know, you have the right to all documents you believe to be necessary to mediate a fair settlement. If there are things you have not been provided, you might consider canceling the mediation and setting it for another date. If you do, you can then pursue the documents you detailed.


If the attorney has ignored your requests, you need to follow up. To do this, you could begin by writing a letter reminding him of your requests and that the time to comply has passed. You might also indicate that you will be filing a motion to compel if he still fails/refuses to comply within a period of time, perhaps about ten days or so.

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