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I purchased a vehicle recently to accomadate my children and

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I purchased a vehicle recently to accomadate my children and my boyfriends. He told me he aunt was going to send money to help us out, because it was an expensive purchase. He asked me to write up something stating if he paid $4000 for the vehicle he could have it, i agreed. He had me sign it under false pretenses. He packed his things minutes after while i was at work. I had asked via text that i should put a clause, if we are no longer together. He said i am not going to run off, and not pay you. Well he ended up taking the truck, not paying a dime and changed his number. What can i do? Did he steal it, what should i do.
Thank you for your question.
Is the vehicle title in your name or in his name?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
it is ONLY in my name
So, from what I'm understanding, you agreed to give him the car for $4,000.00, but he never made any payment and took the car.
This may qualify a crime if he intended to steal the car from you. You can contact the police and report the vehicle stolen. I would explain to the police your situation though and make sure they understood that it was theft by trick and that you gave the keys to your ex.
Because you did in fact give the keys to him and enter into an agreement that he can have the car for $4,000 the police may tell you that you must handle this in the civil courts.
If this is the case, you will need to sue him for Conversion and Fraud and seek an injunction ordering him to turn the car over to you. This will not be a small claims case and you will need to bring the case in the district court. You will need an attorney to do this and you will need to be able to locate your ex.
If you are able to locate the vehicle and it is not locked away behind a fence, you may also have the vehicle towed to your house and have a locksmith change the locks on the vehicle.
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