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I am physically handicapped and walk with a cane & I am unable

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I am physically handicapped and walk with a cane & I am unable to stand for long periods or walk long distances. I attend movie screenings at local theaters which requires standing in line for about an hour before the film. The theater allows me to use the elevator and to sit down rather than standing in line. The representative of the company that sponsors these screenings insists that because I am not required to stand in the actual line, that I am obligated to sit in handicapp seats on the floor which are close to the screen. I am able to climb a few stairs slowly without great difficulty & usually sit several seats up the aisle because sitting close also extends my neck causing it to be strained. I have extensive arthritis. Can this representative force me to sit in these seats and prevent me from attending if I don't comply? Recently she attempted to physically barr several other attendees from goiing to other seats and once they insisted she informed them they could no longer go to screenings. the theater itself is not requiring me to do this only the rep from this company. What are my rights regarding this matter. Any advice would be appreciated.


Thank you for your question.

Interestingly enough, the representative's attempts to force you to sit in the handicap area when you are able to sit in a normal area is in fact discrimination based on your handicap and likely violates the Americans with Disbilities Act.

So, she does not have the right to bar you from areas which you can reach which are open to other members of the audience. If she continues this, you need to let the movie theater know about it, as they are the ones who have final say and need to inform this representative that she is violating your rights.

Please let me know if you have more questions about this topic.

Best Regards


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have spoken to movie theater manager and he agrees that she cannot force me to sit in these seats, but because the rep rents the theater for the screening she feels it is her right to insist this. Should my next step be to inform the agency she works for of this issue? If so do I need some type of documentation showing my rights? Also if she attempts to bar me from these screenings what would be my next step?