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hello... i need help to against handyman with the small claims

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hello... i need help to against handyman with the small claims court


Thank you for your question.

Please explain a bit more about what happened so that I can give you some guidance on how to make your small claims.

Also, where in Tennessee are you and do you know the address of the handyman?

Thanks and I look forward to hearing back from you.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi... this is Theresa xxx and i am hearing imapaired...yes i am from nashville Tn..Handyman name is XXXXX XXXXX his home address xxx xxx xxx i have problem elder boxer bugs around the house so i called handyman and they came over and asked me for money so i gave him 60$ cash with his name on it on my paper he told me that he will get bug spray worth 75 dollar and the chaulk for the window... i told him to give me the recpite which i found out the bug spray charge only16.91 and i told him where is the recpite for chaulk he say i left in other truck i will bring next monday he thief my money change...i have everything paper with me that he signed his name and we converation on it... i want alllll my money pay to me that he not honestly to me and i also he put nail on slide of house.. look ugly and i believe he not have license home improve......i had been called and called and called him to bring back the repicte for chalk he never call me back and he wrote invoice say 3 year warranty on labor for bugs job... it still bugs around here .. he refuse to come back everything.... steal my money...thanks so much theresa

Hi Theresa,

Thank you for your response.

You need to file a claim against Mr. Nash for breach of contract. Here is how you file a small claims case in Nashville:

1. The first thing you need to do is go down to the court clerk's office to get the small claims complaint form. You will need to go to Howard Office Building
700 2nd Avenue South' Nashville, TN 37210 to the clerk's office to get the form.

You will fill the form out there and you will need to pay a filing fee to file the form. In the form, you will need to state Mr. Nash's full name and address. Then when it asks why you are suing him, you state:

"Mr. Nash agreed to perform extermination services for __________ (the price he agreed to do the services for). Mr. Nash did not perform the services as promised and charged me for material which he did not purchase and would not show me the receipts proving the purchase. Mr. Nash has taken my money and left me with bugs. I want my money back because Mr. Nash has breached his contract with me."

After you write this and file it with the clerk, you need to ask the clerk to arrange for "Service" of the lawsuit on Mr. Nash.

After you do this and pay the fees to the clerk, the court will contact you and tell you when your court date is.

At the court date, you need to show up to court on time (they will send you a letter telling you when to show up) and then you simply tell the judge what happened and show proof of the invoice and how much you paid and ask the judge to give you a judgment in the amount of how much you paid plus your court costs.

It's pretty simple. Please let me know if you have other questions. Please also remember to rate my answer positively as I don't get paid for my work until you do so.



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