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Hi, I purchased a customized computer on the 1/9 from

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I purchased a customized computer on the 1/9 from
and I was promised that the product would be shipped out within a month.However after a month had passed I realized that the order hadn't even reached the assembly stage (1st stage). After that I cancelled my order on the 2/8 and I got an email notification and phone confirmation of cancellation. The agent assured me that my money would be refunded within 5 working days. However in the past two days i've constantly received updates saying that the computers been assembled, tested and finally shipped to me. Please note that this is happening 10 days after the order has been cancelled and my money has still not been credited back to my account.
I want to know if its possible to take legal action in light of this situation. I am based in Virginia and the company is based in CA. Await prompt feedback.


Thank you for your question.

When you ordered the computer, you clicked and agreed to a Sales Agreement which controls this situation.

You do have legal recourse against this website and have a right to cancel the order and receive a refund under the Sales Agreement. However, any lawsuit you bring must be brought in Los Angeles.

Your best course of action is to continue putting pressure on the company for a refund and to ask for your complaint to be elevated to a manager when you call in. You should try to make sure that your complaint is handled by someone that you can contact on a direct line and that the complaint won't be passed around to different customer service representatives. Doing this is a better idea that undergoing the expense of filings a lawsuit in LA.

Please let me know if you have any further questions regarding this matter.


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