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Can I put signs on streets in the following cities? If not

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Can I put signs on streets in the following cities? If not what is the fine associated with placing such signs.

Glendale, CA
Burbank, CA
Los Angeles, CA
What type of signs? Where? and what is the purpose.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Basically like , advertising for my business. For example carpet cleaning call us at 818 48934890 whatever. I see real estate signs all the time, I also see signs that say "We can make your property additional legal call us..etc..." Any sort of commercial use etc...

As long as the signs are not disruptive, or harmful (meaning they are targeting a group of people) for example a lot of what the law calls "hate speech" would not be permitted. But if they are casual signs, or you are advertising there are no ordinances that are prohibit that activity.

Additionally, they could be looking at constitutional violations, they can only limit your rights to freedom of the press and speech in certain manners and scopes.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Now what if it isn't on my property. For example I see signs posted on telephone polls etc...Or I see signs put in the grassy area on side walks...

I am sorry but I am going to revise my answer, because i misunderstood that this was for business purpose. If this is an advertisement for a business and you are going to be posting them ANYWHERE within Los Angeles County, you would be in violation of the Municipal Code which prohibits this type of advertisement.

Here is a link to the entire code section

Let me know if there is anything else i can do.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Any idea what the fine would be?

The first violation of Subsection (a) in a calendar year is subject to an administrative monetary penalty not to exceed $100.00. Subsequent violations in the same calendar year will result in a second penalty not to exceed $250.00. The penalty for the third administrative violation in a calendar year is $500.00. More than three administrative fines in one calendar year shall result in the violation being charged as a misdemeanor in Superior Court and subject to all penalties applicable to criminal violations. The Bureau of Street Services is authorized assess a processing fee established by the Board of Public Works, subject to the approval of the City Council for all citations with an administrative monetary penalty.
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