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I lost my cashiers check and the executor my sister refers

Customer Question

I lost my cashiers check and the executor my sister refers to help me replace it I know the bank and branch i spoke with someone and they said that she has the numbers of the check issued 10/12/2012
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Attorney Wayne replied 4 years ago.
Attorney Wayne :

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Expert:  Attorney Wayne replied 4 years ago.
Hello. Thanks for contacting us.

I know what a hassle it can be to replace a lost cashier's check. But it appears you have taken the right first steps -- that is, by working with the issuing bank. The person who provided the cash (or account balance) in exchange for the cashier's check is best placed to help -- has that person stepped up? If so, one need only get the bank to stop the missing draft and reissue. There may be a fee for this, but I am sure it is much lest (in 20-50 dollar range) than the value of the lost check, yes?

Please let me know how else I can assist by typing a follow-up in the next text box.

I wish you speedy resolution in this matter.