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Missouri complaint filed for disillusionment. Psa signed

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Missouri complaint filed for disillusionment.
Psa signed and sent for approval from the judge. No court date set. If we have decided to try and make it work, can the complaint be withdrawn? We'd really like to try and make it work instead of just giving up without an effort.
Hello and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assist you.

Are you saying that a lawsuit has been filed, but you want to try to negotiate a settlement, and you're wondering if the lawsuit can be dismissed if a settlement is reached?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

sorry, not a lawsuit. maybe i didnt word it cortectly. it"s divorce and we have decided to try and work it out after all. The property settlement agreement has been signed and

submitted to the judge for approval. no court date has been set. we:re wondering if the whole thing can be dropped? we really want to try and work on our marriage. divorce is not the solution at this point.

Hi again.

Actually, a divorce is a lawsuit indeed, and it can be dismissed. The plaintiff (i.e., the spouse who filed for divorce) would file a Motion to Dismiss. I would expect that the judge would be more than happy to dismiss the divorce because reconciliation is considered the favorable outcome.
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