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Im in Florida. I received a summons/notice to appear for

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I'm in Florida. I received a summons/notice to appear for pre trial conference/mediation for a debt that I owe to a hospital. It is for four accounts and totals $600. I called the hospital, but they said they could not discuss any debts that are sent to collections. I called the collection firm and they said they would not allow me to set up a payment plan as that is what the mediation is for, but I could pay the 600 and their fees of 200 totaling over $800 if I didn't want to go to court. I did get a list of accounts from the hospital that I owe on and two of them include the ones on the collection company's list. Can I pay those accounts directly to the hospital? If I do, will the collections company deduct them from my balance? Does the hospital have a right to refuse if i were to try to offer to pay for all delinquent accounts even if they have been sent to collections? Is there anything that I can do that can prevent me from going to court? The reason for my non-payment is due to financial hardship.
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Good afternoon. I certainly understand your situation and concern. You stated that two out of the four are on the collection companies list. What about the other two? The lawsuit for the $600 includes all the accounts?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The other two are only at the hospital, not on the collection companies list yet it seems.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Theres are total of 6 accounts, 4 are with the collection company...that totals $600....2 out of those 4 are from the hospital lists of 4 and the other two from the hospital are only are the hospitals and have not gone to collections. Sorry thought I should elaborate.

Tony, thank you for the additional information. If the other two accounts are still with the hospital and have not been turned over to collections, you should be able to still deal directly with them and pay those. Often times, you can ask to set up a payment plan and give them an amount, which you are capable of paying each month. Unless you are able to pay the amount which is being sought in the lawsuit at this time, in full, the attorney does have a right to ask that you proceed to mediation. Ideally, it would save time if they would just agree to a payment plan now but if they want to proceed, obtain something in writing and go to mediation, they have a right to do so. Anything which is owed and paid on, would be deducted from the total amount owed. It is not uncommon, once the debt has been turned over to an attorney for collections, for the hospital to no longer be able to work with you. They would be represented by legal counsel at that time, so all discussions should go through their attorney. I know you want to avoid having to court, but the whole purpose of mediation is to try and resolve this. The matter is fairly simple and since you are willing to pay and just want a payment plan, the mediation should be rather quick. The agreement will be reduced in writing and the matter will be resolved.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you very much.


The other two accounts that are still with the hospital as well as being on the collections agency list...can those two also still be paid to the hospital and if so would I just bring those receipts to the mediation if I could pay those off? Then my balance for the collections agency would be about $300.

Anything which you can pay to and is accepted by the hospital, would be deducted from the total amount sought, assuming it is included. As such, you could bring proof of payment and/or, any evidence to show an agreement was entered into, with the hospital. Moreover, if you disclose this at mediation, the attorney can always speak with their client, to confirm that those accounts were in deed settle and only the other ones, need to be resolved.
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