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once the bank files forcloser how long can i expect to be able

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once the bank files forcloser how long can i expect to be able to stay in my home

RayAnswers : Thanks for your question and good evening.My sympathy for your situation here and dilemma.
RayAnswers : You may have several more months here.
RayAnswers : In California, the new owner must notify you three days in advance of when he wants you to leave. Depending on whether he plans to move in himself or to sell the property, you could receive a notice immediately after the purchase, or not until several months later. After the noticethe owner must then file in court to have you evicted.Once the owner notifies you with service that they filed in court to evict you, you have five days--10, in a few cases--to file a response and contest. If you do not, the case will proceed without you and you'll be evicted shortly. If you file, you can stay in your home until the court decides the case.
RayAnswers : It is also possible here that the lender may offer you money, cash for keys to leave within 30 days.This can be a pretty good amount of money here up to $5k or so to vacate the property.
RayAnswers : So once foreclosure is complete you would be contacted by lender offering you cash for keys or by giving you the notice referenced above.If they notice you then they would then proceed with an eviction suit and service of the suit by a sheriff or process server.
RayAnswers : At that point you should plan to relocate prior to the scheduled hearing date so that you have time to get your stuff out and relocate.
RayAnswers : Hopefully the lender here will offer the cash for keys and you may decide to take it and use it for moving money.
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Here is more reference about the process of eviction after foreclosure.You may have another two to three months after foreclosure.

I greatly appreciate the chance to help you tonight.If you have more follow up please just ask.I am so sorry you are having to go through all of this.I wish you the best.

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Here is information about cash for keys.The lender may offer you money to leave within 30 days..

Thanks again.