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I asked the wife of the pres of the HOA if she would mind if

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I asked the wife of the pres of the HOA if she would mind if I paid our landscapers to turn on my water once a week because my 90 year of mother is in bad shape (the kid said he was told my neighbor(S) complained even though I gave them a $25 gift card though the management co, he would be fired), she filed a "harassment" charge against me.

The HOA attorney did write that if I approach my neighbors that a fee would be added to my account and I would be responsible for all legal fees to collect it. I am to go to the attorney with any problems... but the attorney (per Brian) is not to answered me... the management company is to reply (but I am not allowed to go to the management company per legal letter. Confusing, uh?) and I have not received any resolution to most of my issues this year. Also, I have a disability... I get migraines and am not allowed to do outside work; otherwise, I get sick which has been the case. Is there any laws that protect the disabled in OHIO with respect to my situation. Can I sue the HOA for pain and suffering if I get a letter from my md who is the director of the neo-brain function at Akron Gen?

Is what I am describing is criminal extortion?

Thank you for your question. Let me start out by saying that this sounds like a unfair situation.

Your HOA cannot charge you fees or legal fees for some sort of penalty for you approaching your neighbors. If they try that you need refuse to pay it, and if they try to collect you would need to sue them.

If your HOA is discriminating against you in some fashion because of your disability, then they may be in violation of the Fair Housing Act, which incorporates protections for people with disabilities in housing situations. The HOA is required to make reasonable accommodations for you. In this case, it would be to allow you to hire the guy to come and turn on your water. Their failure to allow this does bring up the possibility that you could file a claim with the

Here is a Q&A guide to FHA claims like this one:

To file a claim:

You could recover for mental anguish and increased medical bills in connection with this sort of claim if you are successful in proving violation of the Act.

Please let me know if you have further questions.

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