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I want to know what options my son has on a problem. At one

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I want to know what options my son has on a problem. At one time he was on the medical cannibus program. He has been caught with marijuana lately. When he reapplied to the state. the state program denied his re application. Is the any thing he can do to be able to ensure he gets his medicine legally. He has post tramatic issuse and othe mental isssues.

AttyCBradford :

what was the reason his application was denied? Generally they are approved. Once you provide this information i can provide a response


John was given a ticket for having a minor with him when he was using . However he was given probation and he completed the probation . Its the same officer Victor Villa who has ben giveing John the ticket feels like harrastment.

AttyCBradford :

You should consider filing against the officer for harassment. If he successfully completed the porbation he should be eligible to apply again. Did he in fact tell them on the application that he completed probation


can you recomend an attorny or can one file harrasssment with the state police? and ask fpr reconciderATION INTO THE PROGRAM?

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

You have indeed provided me with some sense of direction to go with and I greatly appreciate it.

Best of luck