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how do you go up against a lawyer on your owen that i workt

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how do you go up against a lawyer on your owen that i workt for 2 and half years and ended up screwing me out of money im a remodeler and belt and remodeled one of his houses he thinks he is untuchabel i feel he got all he wonted out of me and then pist on me

Thank you for your question. I need some more information from you before I can answer.

How much money does the guy owe you?

How long ago did you finish the work?

Did you file any sort of mechanic's lien against the property?

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok this might take a bit ok iv been doing things for him for a long time i that we wear frends i worked for him for 20 and hour turned in my hours evrey week for the most part he payed me i belt him a bunk house out at his horses wher keept i did costom work i belt the in side of the bunk house out of red ceder and take room i did wiring and the hole nine yards i saved him thousand of dollors so i had got hurt and had to have surgery i posponed it a month so i could finish so we got down to 2 or three days from finishing all the mayger stuff he came in and started yeling and he took his finger and poked me and the chest then i said dont ever toch me again and he said he would do what ever he wonted his prperty then threw my saw out the door and i said i had enuf of his abuse during this projet this cinda stuff hapen qite often so 2 days befor my surgery i left he owes me 2thousand five hunded and fifty nine dollors - we went half on a welding reg and have that sowe went on that for 1500.00 so lets 1000.00say wont pay then wonted to tellme that he was going to file charges on me if i sold the welder without his permishion so hes trying to screw me then i gota letter in the mail saying he is with drawing from being my lawer in a sivel mater im in and have alredey payed for thi he lied to the juge and said i wosent complying with stuff on the case which thear hasent ben any thing on the case that has hapen he is the most unapresheated person iv meet in my life i havent dun any thing becase i relly that he would get over him self but i ges not im not the smartes but im not going to lie down and take an ass wopen on this and im shur that what he thinks im going to do i should have filed asalt when he pocked me but i that we would work out our diferenses file a lean maby but im scared to go up agese him he is good and im not that smart no punt inted but lawers can turn it all around and make you look like hour a horabel person i dont no what to do?

The first thing you need to do is contact the State Bar of Texas to file a complaint against him. If you have paid him to represent you in a civil matter and he has withdrawn as your attorney and kept the money without performing any work, then this may violated the attorney disciplinary rules in Texas. More information on filing a disciplinary claim can be found at:

The second thing you need to do is send a letter by certified mail to him stating the following:

"Dear ________ (his name): This letter is to notify you of my demand for payment of $2,559.00 for construction work performed on your property. Your failure to pay this amount due within 30 days will result in legal action against you. Very truly yours, ________(your name)"

The third thing you need to do is place a mechanic's lien on his property. Lien's are pretty easy to complete, and this will put pressure on him to pay you the amount over due. Information and forms for filing a lien can be found at

More information on mechanic's liens can be found at:

Please let me know if you need further information or if you want to talk about this more. Please also remember to rate my service positively so that I might be paid for my work by the website.

Best Regards,
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