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I have medical care at the V.A. should I pay the part B and

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I have medical care at the V.A. should I pay the part B and supplement Ins. untel I can makeup the quarters. Thank you E. Freeman
Hi, thanks for your inquiry and requesting me.

If what you have with the VA is creditable coverage, and you may want to get written confirmation of that, then getting additional coverage is an option that you can decide to do or not do. It you find you need more than what you have and can spend the money, by all means. But I think the biggest issue is that creditable coverage.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Why do I need written confirmation? Creditable coverage ? I have been a patient for years.

That doesn't matter. If you do not have creditable health insurance coverage after 65, and do not take Medicare at that time, when you later want Medicare coverage, you will not pay the standard rate for your premiums, but 10%, 20%, or more, depending how long after 65 you go without coverage before starting on Medicare.
When I get back to the office, I will try to link you to an article explaining that. Would you like me to that?
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