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I did return to that commercial dumpster again and retrieved

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I did return to that commercial dumpster again and retrieved all the pieces. But if the city will show me earlier pictures of me disposing the pieces, does it still make sense to request the evidence (are the pictures also an evidence)?

Thank you for your follow-up and thank you most kindly for requesting me to assist you further.

If they find images of you dumping and there is no conceivable way of disproving the information, then the only remaining option is to pay the fine. While you can still potentially request the evidence, if the image is strong enough, paying off the violation would be faster and cheaper in the long term. Yes, a picture is evidence and can be used against you if it is clear enough.

Good luck.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.



I really appreciate your responses. I hope the fact I did go back and removed all the pieces from the dumpster is in my favor. I am tempted to visit the store which uses that dumpster and explain the situation. The store might let me use their dumpster as the pieces of the table are not large. Do you still think it is better to wait and not to approach the store?




That depends on your relationship with that store. Typically using their dumpster without permission could be seen as trespassing, so discussing dumping into their property should be only done with extreme care. Not trying to be a negative individual, merely pointing out the risks.

Good luck.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks I understand the risks. If the store responds negatively and does not let me use their dumpster, my situation will become worse. On the other hand if they are positive, the grounds for any fines are eliminated. I can also respond to the potential pictures showing dumping with the fact that all that stuff was shortly removed. I assume they did not take pictures showing me removing all the pieces. I also have a theory that if I went to the City and explain all the facts, they might not fine me (not fine much at least.) You probably disagree?


My apologies but I do disagree. The fines come from the municipality, not the store. If they pursue fines, you could potentially use the defense that the store permitted you to use their dumpster then, but it is not a guarantee that the fine will be rescinded. I also strenuously disagree over coming to the city with an explanation--the city is not a caring individual, they are a bureacracy that will simply fine you because you made it easy on them by admitting fault. My apologies but that is utterly unwise, you only deal with the government when all other options fail, as they are generally not there to help (sorry, but that is true).

Good luck. My apologies but I am logging off for the day. If you have additional questions I promise to respond to them sometime tomorrow morning. Please be well!

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