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I have been looking for a job for almost 3 years. I have to

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I have been looking for a job for almost 3 years. I have to pay back a student loan and have no income. I received Food stamps then had to dip into my IRA to survive to pay rent, car payments and bills. I did not know about reporting the IRA. Now it looks like I may got as much as $3000 over 1 1/2 years which I may not should have received.
What do I do?

BizAttorney : Good morning! I can help you with your question today. In order to better assist you need to ask you a few quick questions. Will you be receiving 3000 from your IRA?

I have used up my IRA and am just shortly before sitting on the street.


I have been receiving $200 a month on food stamps but did not realize about reporting the IRA


I also was forced to go on early retirement which pays $300 less a month. The retirement is just enough to live on a park bench.

BizAttorney : I see. I'm sorry to hear about your situation. You need to report the IRA to the food stamp office. It may not disqualify you fr
BizAttorney : om receiving food stamps.
BizAttorney : Are you reapplying for food stamps and that is why the Ira income is now a factor?

I found out because they contacted me and said something about the IRA from somewhen in 2010. I am not sure yet what that is because I was not taken out from my IRA then the old lady I was taken care of had to go to the nursing and I had to leave which forced me to take the cheapest retirement apartment I could find. I reported the address change over the phone but somehow it all went crazy because my worker constantly got changed plus I was told I had to do no 3 month review because I was a Senior Citizen. I was not aware that I was doing anything wrong but now I am quite afraid. I did not live in any excess, just tried to survive and find a job

BizAttorney : I understand your fear. It sounds like you will qualify for food stamps even with your IRA funds.
BizAttorney : They may require you to use your funds first but then you would just cash it out and then reapply.

That sounds positive. The IRA was originally around $40,000 which I never wanted to touch before I turn 70 but I had to pay medical stuff too and it just did not go any other way.


It is all used up and now I have nothing but social security. Will I be bared off from food stamps and have to pay it back for which they may tap into the social security? That would definitely but me in the poor house or on the street.

BizAttorney : Yes I understand. You should be fine even if you must take it out and the apply.

what do you mean with take it out and apply?

BizAttorney : They may require you to exhaust and liquidate your IRA before you get food stamps. If that is the case, then you would take it out and then reapply after you have spent it.

It is already gone. Don't they want it back and punish me??

BizAttorney : No they will only look at what you have now.
BizAttorney : It is a program to help and not to be withheld if someone is in need.

ok, thank you, XXXXX XXXXX me a lot. I honestly did not attend to lie or steal anything. Thank you

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