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I just got a 20 day notice and i dont understand why I work

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I just got a 20 day notice and i dont understand why I work go to school in by 9pm out by 8 am no traffic Was on a 6 month lease and now a month to month. Every time I went in to pay my rent i would get rolling eyes and rude comments like " you people never pay your bills on time." you people i think is that cause i am black and you are white. I was 1 day late and 3 days later i get a 20 day on my door I paid 795 plus the late fee. I paid a 1000 deposit and 795 as a last month holding So what do i do can i get my 795 back and since it is the 8th and and is the 20th the 20 day notice has to be a least 20 days before the next rental period and that would land on the 31st. This 20 day would out me at the 28th. Something does not sound right I could have saved that money and moved but they take it and then give me 20 day makes no since to me any advice please I live in Bremerton Washington

Thank you for your question. I'm sorry to hear about your situation.

Because you are on a month-to-month lease, the landlord has the option to terminate the lease if they give you the proper notice. Washington law only requires a 20 days notice from the landlord to terminate the lease. However, you do not have to vacate until the end rental period. They cannot remove you sooner than that.

In regard to your suspicion that the landlord's decision is motivated by race, you could refuse to move out and make them try to evict you, and at the eviction you would claim that it was motivated by racism in violation of the Fair Housing Act. However, I must caution you that under the circumstances you've stated, it would be a very hard case to prove.

Sorry I can't give you better news. Don't shoot the messenger.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok what about the rent i just paid and my deposit of 1000 and also the extra money for last month rent of 795 so they get to keep all of it even my last month rent cant i get that back

The rent you just paid is for November, so you get to stay until the end of that rental period. In other words, you paid November's rent, and then they delivered the 20 day notice. So you don't have to move out until December.

The $1,000 has to be returned to you unless it is used to repair any damages you have caused which did not result from normal wear and tear. You need to inform the landlord of your next address so that they have a place to send the deposit.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes I thus I understand but what i dont get is i paid 795 and 1000 before i moved in so 1795 1000 deposit and 795 for a last month rent since i already paid for this month what about the 795 i paid in the beginning with the 1000 for as my last month rent I should get my 795 back since I already paid for that before i moved in as the last month rent. Like those who pay first and last I paid deposit and last month rent

Oh! I get it.

Yes, you should get $1,795 back (unless they deduct some for damages). If they don't give it back, you've go to sue them in small claims court. Then you get the $1,795 back plus penalties. But they should just give you the entire amount.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

can i go to them tomorrow and say since you took my 795 for this month can i have back my 795 now so i can move cause that would help me. I would I file a fair hearing against them to at least try to fight this I am to young for this to be on my record a wrongful eviction

You can try to ask them for the $795 back. However, they generally don't have to give you this back until 30 days after the lease ends.

As far as trying to sue them for violation of the Fair Housing Act, you would have to file a lawsuit. This would be expensive and you would have a hard time since you were on a month to month. It would be a different story if you were in the middle of a long term lease and they try to throw you out for racist reasons.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I was on a lease then when it turned to a month to month they did this i am to young to have this on my record and i did nothing wrong for this. This is so maddening in college and got an eviction for no reason how can i fight this eviction and not have on my record do they have to tell me I understand washington is a no cause state but only hate would have you evict some one for no reason When i find a place to live this month how long does it take for an eviction to go on my record is it or will it be on there before i move into my other place how can i get them or the court to take it off

You are not being evicted. The landlord is terminating the lease. It's a month to month, so its within the landlord's rights to do it. This does not go on your record and is not anything negative in your rental history. The landlord is simply choosing not to renew your lease.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thank you so much i gave you a HUGE smiley face i dont have any more monetary in my account but i will be back and wont forget you

Thank you