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my husband and I went to a meeting in galveston texas for silverleaf

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my husband and I went to a meeting in galveston texas for silverleaf resorts inc. we were given what they promised and expected to go on a tour of the properties and of course we were prepared for a hard pitch sale that we both knew we would say no to. However, the opposite happened. were given our prize and then said we were free to leave. it felt strange and I followed up on Monday since our meeting was on Friday and had to get the office in dallas manager to explain to me what happened. when she pulled our record out of the computer it stated we or one of us was under the influence! I was shocked as my husband is a dentist and was tired so I drove..we both left work at 3pm for a 4pm meeting.It was an hour drive and my 13 year old son was at a school function until 6:30pm. Neither one of us was under any influence of drug or alcohol and we are a mixed couple.. what concerns me is that this was put in writing into their computers and it was easily pulled up by a manager in Dallas? I want an apology and this information removed from their record...My husband works from 7am to 3pm on friday since he handles oral 3pm he is tired but not on drugs.

Thank you for your question. Your situation would make me mad as well.

You are hitting the nail on the head when you say that this information was put in writing. First of all, this kind of information is damaging to one's reputation. Thus, the fact that it was written and published to people within a company qualifies under Texas law as defamation.

Once you learn the name of the person that you met with, you should send a letter to the corporate headquarters expressing that the statements contained in their records and being published to their employees is patently false, outrageous, and damaging to you and your husband's reputations, and demand that the record be purged from their corporate records and that a letter of apology be issued by the corporation. End the letter by stating that if your demand is not met within (say) 20 days, then you will alert your legal counsel to initiate legal proceedings for defamation.

Please let me know if you wish to discuss this matter further.

Best Regards,
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Dear ZDN,


thank you so much for your prompt reply and I will be getting this person name tomorrow and will visit as a fresh new guest to obtain her name, It was a blessing to not be taken on the tour and we both knew that we would not be investing in a timeshare or vacation purchase. check this link out on all of the complaints


I was going to let this go, however my instincts or intuition wanted to know why we were excluded when everyone else was taken on a tour.. I am concerned that this information could harm either one us in the future. I will follow your advice stated in the letter. If they do not do what is stated how do I get back in touch with you and not start over with a new lawyer.


Best Regards,


Anna M. Barba-Poindexter