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I live in West Sacramento. Sometime last year my son took the

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I live in West Sacramento. Sometime last year my son took the car i had just transferred to him to a service station for regular servicing. When he picked it up, he just drove off unaware that the hood was not properly locked and it opened smashing and breaking the windscreen. Luckily no one was injured . He reported the incident to our then insurance company. The company assessed the car as a total loss ,but at about the same time the third party involved agreed to fix the car. He called back the insurance company to cancel the claim. They told him they had just notified DMV and promised to contact them to cancel. We were not aware of any problem until it was time to renew our road licence for this year 2012. DMV told us the car was salvaged . We notified the insurance co who wrote to the DMV,but up to now nothing has been resolved. We have not been able to use the car because of no current sticker. This is a perfect C220 Mercedes Benz
I am in the process of trying to re-register it as a salvaged vehicle. My question is can i legally demand payment for total loss of the vehicular from the insurance company? They had offered payment that we declined when we cancelled the claim . We were then unaware the vehicle was on record with DMV as salvaged until it was time to renew registration.Then the back and forth with the insurance company and the DMV started. DMV has insisted i have to re-register the vehicle and on learning this i asked the insurance company if they can pay me for the loss and they have declined on the grounds that i had declined the offer at the time we cancelled the claim. Do i have a case ? Thanks. Eva

AttyCBradford : You should file a demand in writing with the insaurance conpaby
AttyCBradford : You should file a claim with the insurance conpany in writing. If they refuse to pay it threaten to sue them for the loss. Also when you denied the claim what exactly did you deny do you remwmb
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