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Fix all the errors you find - newswriting hw 1. the pitchwork

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Fix all the errors you find - newswriting hw
1. the pitchwork was thrown into the corner by the farmer
2. an antique train engine will be sold by the Smith family next month
3. a new movie was watched by several students during the festival
4. touched and emotional, the letters to the soldiers were appreciated
5. the pack of dogs were thirsty and wanted food in their stomachs
6. the family walking into the store are going to buy their groceries for a week
7. the emails from the office of the dean deals with the new policy on student loans
8. looking really nice in her new dress, the gloves were the new ones for Lisa
9. the beautiful flower, black and blue, was stepped on by the gardeners dog
10. the governors meeting voted to raise taxes.
1. The farmer threw the pitchfork into the corner.

2. The Smith family will sell an antique train engine next month.

3. Several student saw a new movie during the festival.

4. The soldiers appreciated the emotional letters.

5. The pack of dogs were thirsty and hungry.

6. The family walked into the store to buy their weekly groceries.

7. The office of the dean sent emails containing the new policy on student loans.

8. Lisa looked nice in her new gloves and dress.

9. The gardner's dog stepped on the beautiful blue and black flower.

10. The governor voted to raise taxes at the meeting.
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