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Hi good evening i hope that you can help with my situation,

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Hi good evening i hope that you can help with my situation, I feel over welmed and don't know what to do. In june my ex boss agreed to take over one of my lines if he could keep his number. so we called tmobile and we transferred his number to my account. The line was upgraded and had a 2 year contract. I always had to call him and ask him for a payment, but he always seemed to have a excuse. i got fustrated and i suspended the line for less then 24 hours on a sunday. He ended up throwing a temper tantrum come monday, asking me what was going on and assured me i was the one doing the wrong thing. i reminded him that if i was a phone company his line would have been disconnected for failure to pay. He told me he would pay me in the next couple of days when he got his check. I notified him he owes me 5 months of payment and let him know that the lines were going to be shut off, can't pay all the balance. he asked what he owed me and i told him aparrently he didn't agree and wanted me to print out the bills. i did that later on the day and realized that on my account his line was missing. he transfered the line with out my permission i was the only person on the account. he also managed to have 2 replacement phones sent to his house, they were addressed to me. he requested them with out me being there at a local tmobile corprate store. now i'm going to get billed breaking a contract. i never released my info to him but he has my info on my workstudy form. I fear he is going to use my infor for something else. and he works for a veteran out reach program and deals with personal info all day. what can i do ? please help.

Thank you for your question. I'm sorry to hear about your situation.

In Texas, you can file a claim against him in small claims court. You would claim fraud and ask for payment of the money he owes you and any other expenses you had incurred on your bill because of him. You can ask for up to $10,000.00. You will need to look for your local small claims court online, based on where you live. Then you need to go to that court, fill out the complaint form and pay the filing and service fees (generally about $100.00). You will need to know where your ex-boss lives (if he does not live near you, then you have to file the lawsuit in the small claims court nearest him). Information on where the small claims court is located can be found online (or you can tell me where the ex-bosses address is and I will tell you where to file).

Please let me know if you have further question s on this matter.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i got his address from where the packages were sent.XXXXXbr/> EL PASO,
TX, 79904

would i be able to press charges on him because the boxes had my name on them and he opened them.

and would i be able to request my file that he has in his office with his company? he has copies of my dd214 birthcertificat, social copy of my id. and request that its not duplicated.

You can file a police report claiming that he is committing fraud and identity theft using your information.

The small claims case will have to be filed in Precinct 6, place 2 at

14608 Greg Dr.
El Paso, Texas 79938

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You will not likely be able to request your employment file from his office in your civil suit.