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I have belonged to Les Bois Credit Union in Boise, Idaho for

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I have belonged to Les Bois Credit Union in Boise, Idaho for 15years. Have had good service up until the last few years when it became necessary to look for another credit union. In June 2012, I received an inheritance from the passing of a family member and placed it temporarily in Les Bois CU while researching other options. Towards the end of June, I opened an account at Idaho Central Credit Union and proceeded to gradually transfer funds to that credit union. At the time of all of this, I was an affilate of ZeekRewards, an MLM company and was purchasing bids with my inheritance funds in Les Bois CU. The $$ were made into Cashiers Checks and sent to the company. On Aug 17, 2012, Zeek was wrongfully seized by the SEC. The SEC receivership is now stopped from spending further monies of the company due to our filing a court case and the judge finding evidence pertinent to do so. When the SEC seized the company, I checked to see if any of the recent Cashiers Checks sent had not been deposited yet by Zeek and found a large amount had not. Les Bois stopped payment on them and put the funds back into my account. On Sept 19, 2012, I received a call from Les Bois that the SEC had demanded the reversal of those stop payments. During the time between Aug 24th when the stop payments went through and Sept 19th when I received the reversal call, I had continued to transfer funds to Idaho Central CU in preparation to close the Les Bois account. The reversal of the Cashier's Checks suddenly put my account in a deficit. MY QUESTION IS THIS: Unbeknownst to me AND not told to me on the day I received the call that my Cashiers Checks were being reversed, the CEO of Les Bois CU placed a stop payment on a PERSONAL $20,000 check of mine (written Aug 30th and cleared by Les Bois Aug 31st) that I had written to Idaho Central CU in the continuing process of moving my accounts to them. On Sept 24th I received a copy of the stop payment on my personal check from Idaho Central CU along with a charge for doing this as Idaho Central CU thought "I" had placed the stop payment. I visited them, the manager called Les Bois CU in my presence. The staff did not know the personal check had been stopped and after placing us on hold came back and told us that "they were not allowed to discuss the situation" and that "the Les Bois CEO had stopped it and would be contacting me the next morning, Sept 25th." I have NEVER received a call from the Les Bois CEO. I have placed many calls requesting to hear from him with NO response. I have had the manager of Idaho Central CU contact them again in my presence and still NO RESPONSE. I have also not received ANY communication from them in writing concerning this matter. Idaho Central CU is perplexed that the Les Bois CEO could put a stop payment on a personal check that had been cleared for 20 days! But nonetheless, it has been done. Is this legal???? Nothing in my contract addresses this. I cannot get the NCUA to respond to me. I have contacted the Attorney General's office, who sent me to the Department of Finance, but they state they have no power to do anything except send my info to Les Bois and Les Bois's info back to me. I'm at a loss here.
Thank you for the post, I am happy to assist you by answering your questions. From your description the CEO did not have the authority to place the stop payment on the check as no federal agency directed him to do so, nor did you authorize the same. You should consider retaining counsel to pursue the bank on your behalf seeking reimbursement for your losses. Please let me know if you need additional guidance or have any follow up questions.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

On the "cashiers checks" I was told that Les Bois was told by the SEC that the reversal of the stop payments were demanded as they specifically had to do with ZeekRewards. But there was "nothing" linking my personal check to ZeekRewards. So, if I understand correctly you are telling me they would have had to have had "proof" of my personal check having anything to do with ZeekRewards?

Yes, that is correct.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you. I will look for counsel in this area.

Thank you Tess, please remember to positively rate my answers.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

May I ask one more question? What background in an attorney would I be looking for in this matter? I do not use attorneys for the most part, but realize I need someone versed in ....banking? SEC? contracts?

Certainly Tess, a civil litigation attorney whom has experience with banking disputes would be best suited to represent you in this matter.
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