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Okay, long story short. My boyfriend was accused of touching

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Okay, long story short. My boyfriend was accused of touching a girl of 17. He went to court (he fought it for 4 years) and was looking at 25 years. He took a plea bargain for two years. She is telling all her friends that she lied and that he never touched her. She says she won't tell the truth cause she's afraid he will press charges. He doesn't care about that. He just wants his life back. I've proposed a legal agreement between the two. She drop the charges and he won't press charges. She won't respond. I am at wits end. Any advice will be helpful. Is there anything I'm missing? His first lawyer screwed him over. He was very expensive. Please help!
Thank you for your question.

Oh, goodness. This is every adult's nightmare. Did this person (the 17 year old), admit her lying to anyone via email, text, chat, or just in person? Are her friends willing to come forward and testify against her?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
She admitted it to her friends but now since it's gone through the grapevine she's shut up. Her friends won't testify.
Thank you for your follow-up, Beth.

This is horrible, truly. Are her friends also minors, or are any of them adults?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
This happened four years ago. I'm pretty sure at least a couple of her friends were over 18.

Thank you for your follow-up.

If nobody is willing to testify, then the issue is fairly hard to re-visit, I am sorry to say. The one suggestion that I see, and I must be honest and state that this is a bit of an outside shot, is to potentially consider pursuing a subpoena against the girls so as to force them to testify and recant their story. But the biggest issue here is the fact that your boyfriend, for whatever reason, chose to plead guilty without coercion or redress. That makes any sort of a reversal far harder because it opens up your boyfriend to potential questions of why he chose to plead guilty when he is claiming innocence. I am sorry, truly, and I am not sure that your attorney here is to blame--child molestation cases are really the hardest to defend against, more so in some ways than murder, because of the mental predisposition in the eyes of the jury and the courts.

Good luck.

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