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I was arrested in 1990 or 91 for driving under the influence.

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I was arrested in 1990 or 91 for driving under the influence. In court months later it was reduced to a BAC. I did not have to have to purchase" SR22"" or whatever the high risk insurance is called. It was a one time occurence. I once had a back ground check done at our local police station, they said there was nothing on file. It was that very same stations agents who had arrested me so many years earlier. In Missouri is this a misdemeanor? Was a BAC conviction a misdemeanor in 1991? If not, is it considered one now?

Driving with excessive blood alcohol content (BAC) is a Class B misdemeanor. In looking at the amendments that were made it appears that it has been graded as a misdemeanor for quite a long time, so it is almost certain that it was still a misdemeanor when you were convicted. If it did not appear on your record it may be possible that you received a suspended imposition of sentence (SIS), which means that if you completed the probationary period successfully, the charge would have been dismissed rather than resulting in a conviction. It is a fairly common disposition for first-time offenders, but it would mean that you were never actually convicted. You may want to go to the clerk of court where your case was originally heard to look at your case file, if they still have it, and be sure of what the outcome was.
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