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My bank account was seized by a debt collector. The account

Customer Question

My bank account was seized by a debt collector. The account is in my name and my elderly mothers, It is all her money. What recourse do I have
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Lawrence D. Gorin replied 4 years ago.
Under the laws of most states, when a creditor garnishes a debtor's bank account that is jointly owned by the debtor and another person (such as the account owner's elderly mother) and all the money in the account belongs to (and can be "traced" to) the other account owner, the other account owner ( your elderly mother in this case) can file with the court a Claim of Exemption. The process is a bit complicated and your mother would be well-advised to confer with a debtor's rights lawyer in your local area to assist in the procedure.

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