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I have been appointed power of attorney for my much older sister,

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I have been appointed power of attorney for my much older sister, by her. She is a widow and writes checks to charities, which she cant afford. She also gives money to her daughter, who is 51 yrs old and has hardly ever held a job. She promised not to do that any more, so I trusted. Now she says she has no money except for her annuities, but she gets a large amount from her late husbands s.s.i. which is more than enough to pay her rent and other expenses. Do I have the authority to look at her check book to see if she is is writing checks she cant afford? I ask her if I could, and she got very nervous and defensive about it, and said she is changing her power of attorney to the daughter who had been taking money from her for years. What can I do?
If you are currently designated as her representative with a lawfully executed financial power of attorney then you have authority to go to her bank and request financial information regarding her account. The power of attorney must have become effective when it was signed (rather than only if she becomes incapacitated) and you must only act in her best interest, but yes you can review her expenditures with such a document. You will need to take the power of attorney document to the bank when you go.

I hope this has helped and I wish you all the best. Please let me know if you need me to further clarify my answer and I will do my best to so clarify.
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