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My husband is a lis.contractor in Michigan. He had a contract

Customer Question

My husband is a lis.contractor in Michigan. He had a contract to build a house for a man whom he had about 7-8 years earlier built one for about $300,000.This new one started off at just under $600,000.After making changes almost from week one the cost continued to go up to 650.000and after 3-4 month many changes orders the man cashing in his 401k dipped into his other ret.funds took out a 30, that my husband & I both had to sign for him to get from his other com. He started to go behind our backs and make out side deals with our subs,before we had even paid them for work they had just finished or were to finish according to our bids.Causing huge issues. He had already added concrete work we didn't know about and didn't pay for causing a long time bus.and friend of 35 years to put a lien on his property for the extra work. He did this with 5 others,he now has a freeGM attorney to charge us with stealing the money & not paying all the people.But he is paying them the rest of loan money and told us to stop working after months and months of him calling our office and calling at all hoursof night and Saturdays and Sundays. He would not letus get our materials we had paid for or our carpenters tools and all the company equipment is still there.All because myhusband told him to stop calling on a Sunday night,If anyone saw the call log from this man they would think he was a stalker. And how couldanyone work with him chasing my husband down and coming to my office to make all the copies of the stuff he paid for to save more money . often after we had already ordered these things according to his original selections. He used our cmpany credit card and ordered liked 12 addition pillars to go inside his house. Which of course would change the plans yet again. But according to him we diverted his constrution funds away from him. Truth be known I couldn't have built a house his size and the extravagent lazer lights he upgraded with my electrition to the sum of 30,000. dollars... That is the outside lights.. These people got charged less, over and over and over again the amount on his detailed estimate. He bought stuff cheaper and walked in to my office and expected a check right then. and he gotit. His electric bill he would not take out of our name had reached over 3000 and he never paid us. He didn't pay os for using our visa for his pillars? Now he wants to hurry up and finish because he ran out of money and he paid anyone who did extra and more because he can't get his mortgage if there is a lein on him. I suppose I can lein him to cause he hasn't paid me for all his upgrades and extras that are not on his bill. Like pillaes and consumers powerfor thousands of dollars But really I just want to know how can he say we diverted his money when he hasn't yet paid my company(my husband) for all of the materials and supplies and labor that were not yet added to his changes. He had this 800,000.00 house built and if anyone looked at it they would wonder how he could say that was only suppose to cost me 589,000. That contractor is stealing from me! I think they would think he fell on his head instead of my husband who actually fell on his head emptying the trash from the back of his truck at 9 pm at night because this nut thinks he should be at that job 24/7 and then not charge him for all those calls and visits because od the changes he kept making. I need help. I'm very sick. Ive had 2 hart attacks by 45 and have been extreemly sick and havent been able to work for over two years, yet to help my husband out I would do paperwork he didn't know how to do. But when they send letters to my house that come from the state and from his attorney he couldn't keep this from affecting me. I think we are both going to have a mental and physical breakdown. How do you stop people like him? One time I went In to see my husband and that guy had his quadropoligic mother in a wheel chair and it smelled like the toilet back there. I turned around and left but heard my husband ask if his mom needed to use the bathroom and he said no she has a diaper on... My husband got home about 10 pm and said they had juyst left. I said did he change her? He said no, but I don't ever want to see that again. How somone can let their own mother sit like that for 6 or more hours has got to be the meanest son in the world.How can he lie about us and get away with this? He sayshe cares for his mother too? I think not. The subs who did work on that mans house have done business with us for 30-40 years they signed full releases for their money. They know they get paid and always would. What can we do about him though?Thanks for any help. I continue to fight to get up every day , I have no iron in my blood. I have lost 50% of my blood volumn. Have a defective gene that causes blood clots &cause people to have heart attacks and strokes, and just a month ago Hemotologyst at Mich.St. also found I don't make stuff that heals me. Thanks so much
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Dimitry K., Esq. replied 4 years ago.
My apologies to you on your situation. I have read your post but I cannot understand your question. What specifically do you wish to know that I would be able to assist you with?