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Serious situation. Im a Christian who loves God and His law

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Serious situation. I'm a Christian who loves God and His law concerning not suing your brother. However, on 1/8/12 my daughter apparently took her life at her boyfriends house with his gun. This is very difficult for me to even discuss but as her father I have major concerns that have existed since day one. The status of homicide was changed within 24 to the best of my reckoning. You would think that there was conclusive evidence such as fingerprints and various other CSI type testing technigues to come to such a decisive choice so soon...especially since my daughter's relationship with the boy was very toxic...especially since he is licensed for conceal carry and has been trained not to leave his gun out in the open fully loaded...especially since he said she's exhibited words and actions indicating she'd expressed to him she was considering suicide...especially since he had to give her a $800 dog to get her back after he shamfully asked her "haven't you killed yourself yet?"...especially since someone that was there at the house immediately moved my daughter / daughter's body to try and revive her!!!...even though she'd been SHOT in the mouth through her neck!!!...there are so very many concerns...yet it seems a full investigation wasn't performed because, and I quote, "it looked like a suicide..." I've asked for copies of the police report to no avail. I've even asked a retired detective to help me...he sat down with his previous captain and she would only give him bits and pieces depending on what he asked...she would not give him a's been 8 months and the case is closed...why isn't this report public? why can't anyone get a copy of it? I need to know what to do...I fear that there may have been something bad that happened on top of what little I know that is already so terrible. I feel I need to at least ask someone if this sounds fishy and what I should do. Bear in mind, this is a most serious case. I really need serious help. Thank you very much.
Anthony Boring
Is there a specific question I could assist you with?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

1) With the information I've provided, does this seem like a particularly strange situation that no finger prints were taken?


2) With the information I've provided, does this seem like a particularly strange situation that the case went from homocide to suicide with lack of CSI type evidence within 24 hours?


3) With the information I've provided, does this seem like a particularly strange situation that I can't get any police report at all that would be necessary to determine whether or not I need to seek more legal counsel?


4) With the information I've provided, should I be concerned with the apparent integrity of the case since no reports will be shared? Is there something being covered up?


5) With these concerns, what would you do if you were me?

1) Not incredibly strange, but a little. My experience has always been that most of the police make their minds up early about what happened and then only look for evidence that supports that idea.

2) No, based on #1.

3) That part is a little unusual. Usually a family member can get copies of police reports from closed cases.

4) I would be concerned since they are being no help.

5) You probably will want to hire a lawyer and a private investigator and then consider filing a lawsuit to develop the case further through discovery. There are different types of lawsuits available like suing the person where it occurred, suing for a declaratory judgment, etc. but your lawyer will make the decision based on the judge, the area, etc.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

How can I find the proper lawyer to help me with this. I've checked the internet regarding the closest thing I could find "wrongful death" type lawyers and they reply that they can't help me.

Look for a civil litigation attorney. Wrongful death attorneys work on a % and this case isn't at that point yet.

You're going to have to find a lawyer that does litigation so they are familiar with discovery but they are not going to be willing to do the initial parts of the case on a % because they don't know if there is an actual case there. Civil litigation attorneys usually work on an hourly basis and then if it turns out there is a good case there as far as recovering money they will talk to you about a % deal.

Also, this question is probably about to "time out" and close. I'd ask you to leave a positive rating and that will extend the question out and allow it to remain open if you have more follow ups.
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