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I live in a Amherst, MA. My Korean friends gave me a used car

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I live in a Amherst, MA. My Korean friends gave me a used car as a gift, and she came back to her country. When I tried to register my car, RMV didn't accept my apply. It's because there are scratched price and name on the back of the title. Giving me a form named 'Amending a title or adding a lien', they explained that the previous owner must apply for a duplicate title. And then bring a new and old title to the RMV. Here are my questions. 1) Submitting the form they gave me means applying for a duplicate title? And then is she able to get a new title? 2) Instead of submitting the form, is it possible to apply for a duplicate title on-line? 3) Does she have to sign her name on the back of the new title? And must both she and I go to RMV?

Hi and welcome to Just Answer

1. Yes. It is a simple procedure. I recently tried to sell my car but couldn't find the original title. I applied for a duplicate and was able to go through the sale.

2. Unfortunately no. The new title is issued by the Motor Vehicle Department directly with all the proper verification and labeled a duplicate title.

3. Yes. That is the only way for you to show that you are the new owner and can now register the car in your name.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I appreciate your answer. I want to ask more specifically. She can't come to RMV with me, because she is in Korea. If I get a duplicated title(new one she will get by submitting the amending form and her sign on the back of the new one), then can I come to RMV alnog with Rmv1 and gift affidavit?

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