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My wife entered a mental health facility , the original time

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My wife entered a mental health facility , the original time was 5 days , she has been there 5 days and they extended her stay but has not seen a dr. since entering and wants to come home . can I stop further insurance payment or what other rights do I have to get her released ?
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Did your wife enter his psychiatric treatment facility voluntarily?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes she did , and I know what the revised code is that she requests in writing to leave and they have three days to comply or get a court order to hold her involuntary , but I think this place is very shady. she said someone tried to sign themselves out and was threatened that they would get this in juction. so I wanted to know if I could appeal payment of benefits from insurance so they will release her?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

insurance is in my name from work and want my wife to get treatment but , I think this is the wrong facility for her . facility has very bad reviews from other people also .

Dear Wayne,

Unfortunately, as long as your wife is at this facility you would not be able to dispute, cancel or stop insurance payments to this facility.

Unfortunately, your wife will have to follow the law and request to be released in writing and if the facility determines that she is a threat to herself or others, the facility will have to file a petition with the court and prove to the judge that your wife is a threat to herself or others in order to obtain a court order which would commit your wife to involuntary treatment in this facility.

If the facility files a petition with the court to commit your wife, you will be able to consult and retain an attorney to represent your wife and contest this facility's petition and request for involuntary commitment of your wife.
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