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My wife and I went into a local furniture store about 3 weeks

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My wife and I went into a local furniture store about 3 weeks ago to look at purchasing some furniture. We found a sofa, loveseat, chair that we liked and decided to apply for credit thru the store to purchase the furniture. My wife qualified for credit at the store thru GE and she signed some paperwork to initiate buying the furniture. We scheduled out the furniture to be delivered in one week. In the meantime before the furniture was delivered we looked at some other furniture to make sure we made the right choice. We decided we did not want the other furniture. While looking at other furniture I kept pushing back our delivery date of the other furniture. My wife received the credit card from GE in the mail a few weeks after we applied at the store and I called them to make sure nothing was charged to the card. I was told by a GE supervisor that there is a hold on the credit for the amount of the furniture but for them to be able to charge the card the furniture store would have to show that the furniture was delivered and we do not want the furniture. I called the store today and told them that we did not want the furniture and some assistant manager told me that we could only trade the amount of the furniture for credit on something else. I informed him that I had talked to the credit card company (GE) and that they said if the furniture is not delivered and accepted by us then the furniture store could not charge our credit card. I also said how could you say that we will receive credit when no cash, check, has left our hands and we have not accepted delivery of the furniture. He then said that I would have to talk to another manager tomorrow and come in to cancel. I would like to know if I get the same stuff from the manager tomorrow should I just send a certified letter to the store informing them that I do not want the furniture and I do not want it delivered and leave it at that. Please inform the best way to proceed. Thank you

Carole :

hello- I would advise you to look over the original contract agreement that your wife has signed, and other paperwork that she has been required to sign to obtain this credit. There should be some sort of cancellation policy, and this is what needs to be looked over. As she has signed a contract, which most likely states that the credit is being issued for the purchase of this furniture. So, if the furniture is cancelled, ultimately the card will be also. I would suggest speaking with the manager tomorrow, and try to work it out with him/her directly, and if you find that you are not getting anywhere- I would then suggest cancelling the credit card with GE. If the card is cancelled, then they shouldn't be able to

hold you responsible for anything (undelivered). I hope this helps!

Carole :

If you have any further question's or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask!

Carole N.P.

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