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I want to sell my car by owner. What should I do next after

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I want to sell my car by owner. What should I do next after I find a buyer and agree to the price. What and when should I sign, what to write in the title, in which moment should I receive money. What else I should sign or fill out, what and if at all something I should report. About what I should be aware.

How everything happens if buyer uses bank credit.
Thank you.
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Hi and welcome,

1. After you find a buyer, write an agreement signed by both stating that on a certain date and time and place, the buyer will give you a bank check in the amount of $X. At that time, you will give him the original title endorsed by you so that he can register title in his name.

2 The Basics of Bill of Sale
If the original Certificate of Title exists, it is used instead of a bill of sale in Illinois when a vehicle is bought or sold. The owner of the vehicle (the seller) signs off on the back of the old title, and this serves as proof of the sale. The filled-out title should include full names and addresses, as well as all pertinent vehicle identification information.
Bill of Sale Specifics
If a bill of sale is requested, there is no official form for this in Illinois. You may create your own. In general, a bill of sale should include the following:
o Name, current address, and phone number of the owner (seller).
o Name, current address, and phone number of any co-owner.
o Name, current address, and phone number of the buyer.
o Statement that the vehicle is being sold, signed by all owners.
o Sale price of the vehicle.
o Detailed physical description of the car, including the vehicle identification number (VIN), odometer reading, and the license plate number―especially if the plates are staying with the car.
o Statement by the sellers that there is no lien or other encumbrance on the title of the car.
This unofficial bill of sale will not replace the Certificate of Title transfer process; it is for personal use only.


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rvlaw, Lawyer (JD)
Category: Legal
Satisfied Customers: 8386
Experience: NYC Trial Atty. 30 yrs.- pers. inj., contracts, real estate, criminal, estates, matrimonial.
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