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THE state utilizes electronic speed detecting devices with

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THE state utilizes electronic speed detecting devices with FCC APPROVAL how do I get to see the contract between the state and federal government-- of terms and conditions?
Hi Richard,

Thank you for your question.

In order to obtain a copy of a contract between the state and federal government, you would simply make an open records request under the Georgia Open Records Act to the state department which uses the device.

That being said, I in good conscience need to let you know that FCC approval does not necessarily mean that there is a contract between the state and federal government regarding the device. Many electronic devices, used by the state, business, or consumers have to obtain FCC approval.

Also, if you are talking about the use of a speed detector used by the state police to detect whether you are speeding in a vehicle or not, this is not a violation of your constitutional rights.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

STATE POLICE is OFFICE OF PUBLIC SAFETY/county is whole different deal.they fall under the dept. of public safety. One is federal the other is state;totally different hats from the same hatrack;...The violation of constitutional rights is in violating the Official Code Of Georgia Annotated 40:14;7,9,10///before I ever arrived upon the scene G.P.S.confirms his criminal intent breach of formal protocol training:they wouldnot accept my alligations to pressing formal charges in a court of records.ETHNOLOGICAL BIAS TO PRE---JUDICIAL CRIMINAL ACTIONS under color of law/conspiracy collussion.The electronic device/provides false credibillity for police misconduct,as well as illegal prosecution by the asst.solicitor General/a direct sub. of the Gen.

I'm afraid I can't help you as I don't understand where you going with this.

I'll open your question back up to the forum to see if anyone else cares to take a crack at it.

Good Luck,