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Have located awesome site and document that has citations and

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Have located awesome site and document that has citations and info on contract law/breach of contract in my state (IL)...
It is actually a jury instruction document but wiwll be great for supporting citations - from
This document also alludes to other instructions for Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Civil Conspiracy, etc.... but I cannot locate those documents. Does anyone have any information on this?


What exactly are you looking for? Are you needing jury instructions or are you looking for an explanation of what the law is on your claims.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.



I am looking for explanations and case law to support my claims... but this document I found (jury instructions) 700.00 on Contract Law seems to have both and can potentially serve me well on both counts (after all jury instruction serves to educate the non-legal-educated jurors on the law in a crash course/summary format... right?) And if we ever get to trial, it will be a resource for me on what the jury will be judging my case on...


This document I found has excellent explanations and case citations on Contract Law and Breach of Contract... (one of the charges against us) but in the introductory paragraph it says, "Employment contract disputes (including Wrongful or Retaliatory Discharge; Intententional Interference with Prospective Economic Advantage; Civil Conspiracy; and Breach of Fiduciary Duty) will be covered by future instructions." And I can NOT find these "future instructions"... perhaps they haven't been added to the site yet? I read where this site and the making public of this jury instruction is all relatively new THIS YEAR...


But if you have any input or another FREE source where I can find these additional jury instruction documents... I would greatly appreciate it.


Also, about to post another question... which should be straightforward to answer... FYI. (and it has been answered so nevermind).

You would be proud as I am doing my due-diligence and really researching everything on my own now... before posting questions... so any questions of mine going forward should be relevant and necessary.


Thank You.


The site you have located is the only free site to obtain Illinois civil jury instructions.

I agree with you that generally, jury instructions will contain the basic law explaining your claims. The jury instruction is an excellent tool you can use to determine what evidence you need to come up with to prove your claim. However, they might not always contain the legal citations you might need in your motion practice.

The only other source that I can think of that would be open to you would be the Illinois Pattern Jury Instructions book with annotations which would be available at the local county law library or nearest law school library.

If you would like to just get a quick summation of the case law on your claims, let me know, as I have access to all the cases and can get this kind of information for you.

Best Regards,
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