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My daughter stayed in a Hotel out of state (Ohio), she is a

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My daughter stayed in a Hotel out of state (Ohio), she is a professional archer and was there to attend a tournament. The first morning she woke up and her face and arms were badly swelled as a result of what the manager determined to be and bites. They were moved to another room and was told it was thoroughly inspected and cleaned. Second morning same thing but a worse reaction she went to the emergency room and told to take benedryl. They reported it to the manager and inspected the room and found bed buds which were confirmed by the maid, this was reported to the manager, who instructed them to find another place to stay. Everything close to the event was booked, so the bedding was washed and they washed all their clothing (at our expense). More of the same the 3rd night and the final night she stayed at a hotel far from the event. The manager apologized and said he would refund the room fees. Once she got home we found the fees were not removed from our credit card.

We contacted the national office of the chain, the Ohio attorney general and our credit card company. After each investigated the manager denied everything and got signitures from his employees indicated my daughter made everything up and the allergic reaction was not from bugs at his hotel. It was only a couple hundred dollars so we haven't pursued it further, (she had a poor archery performance as well as her eye was almost swolen shut which gave her no chance to win any prize money).

2 questions
1. Can anything be done to recover at least the room fees?
2. What should we do in the future if a similar incident occurs?

Other than the dispute procedures you have already initiated, the only other dispute procedure available to you is to file suit. You could also assert a BBB complaint, but this will rarely result in any sort of remedy to you. Unfortunately, you would have to file the suit in Ohio or in the state where the hotel chain is headquartered. The suit would be a small claims suit, as the recovery of the hotel room fees and any related mental anguish would be likely under $5,000.00. Nevertheless, because the recovery is so small, it may not be worth your time to go to the trouble of filing suit.

In the future, you need to gather evidence of the bed bug infestation. In other words, take pictures or try to actually capture one of the bed bugs. Also, insist on an instant refund so that you can make sure that the fees are removed. Finally, if seeking medical treatment, as the medical provider to write in its report that any bites were the result of bed bugs from sleeping in the hotel's bed. This documentation by a third party will assist in your claim.

Please let me know if you need further information.

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TexLaw and 3 other Legal Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

wasn't aware there was a FB system gave you excellent sorry for the delay, I'm new.