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thank you sir, since we get married he always scared me treat

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thank you sir, since we get married he always scared me treat me like idot and stupid.what im going to do if my green card is still conditional?i dont have money right now even drivers licence because he doesnt want me to have.all he want is stay in the house and he say i want your life miserable and i will put you in the jail.and look at now he charge me disturbant of peace even he the one hit me in the wall and the wall have hall he push me very im the victim here i charge on him a domestic violent.sir, what is the possible good benefits i get this problem?thank you sir.,
Your situation sounds very hard. If your husband is hitting you, you need to contact the police and ask that charges be pressed against him for domestic violence. You have that right to police protection even though you are on a conditional green card.

Also, you can file for a divorce and seek a division of the marital assets. If he has money that he earns, then you have a right to alimony and may have a right to some of the property (car and house). The fact that he is physically abusing you will weigh heavily against him in court.

You are saying that you don't have any money. However, if your husband does have money, you can request that the court order him to pay for your attorneys fees in a divorce case.

You should be able to maintain your green card status and residency application even though you are getting a divorce by filing the proper paperwork with immigration. However, this won't be an issue until you are actually granted a divorce by the court.

First things first, you need to call the police and report your husband for hitting you and ask for charges to be pressed.

Then, the question you need to ask your self is whether or not you truly want a divorce. If so, then you need to call around your city/town to divorce lawyers to see if someone will help you. If you cannot find a divorce lawyer to take your case, you can file the divorce on your own. Forms for a do-it-yourself divorce are generally available at the local court house. However, this will cost money. Divorce's have a filing fee of a few hundred dollars, even though you don't have an attorney.

Your final option would be contact the nearest legal aid office. These are lawyers that work for free in situations like yours. To get in touch with legal aid, go to the following website and select the county you live in and then call the legal aid office provided:

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