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A friend of my family lives in senior housing in Newark, NJ.

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A friend of my family lives in senior housing in Newark, NJ. He is in the hospital for rehab after kidney failure and will not be home for several weeks or months. His complex contacted me (I am his contact person on his lease) that his apartment was broken into.
I met management and we contacted Newark police. When they arrived, they indicated I could not make the report or enter the apartment as I do not have a power of attorney.
Management put a temporary lock on the door. They advised that a double bolt should be installed and a report made.

Is there a special form to be used. Must it be witnessed by an attorney or notary.
He will sign the form to either me or his daughter, it matters not. Please advise as I don't want him to come home and nothing remain in his apartment. Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX to pay for any form needed. (This is NJ.) He is in hospital in Wayne, NJ. Thanks,
Marguerite Aisenstock, Summit, NJ
Thank you for the post, I am happy to assist you by answering your questions. Thank you fr the post, here is a link to a power of attorney form that you can fill in and print:

Here is another sample for your reference: l2EKQWwsU-5_xk6H03wWym70zvyfT0-sgtvcpHGWLTJTrLpDr6x6dGaADDX0GFC4MTH4tHmIuTZ3En_57hsFE2RG2Nu9_bVx5ytMNUaHcPePhmO9UNOtz6Lmn4-JMBH_4Ty&sig=AHIEtbR6EqSqUvJhSnjNzkfc8oVL1dmpCw

Please let me know if you need additional guidance.
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