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What will be my tax rate if I work in afghanistan as a Contractor?

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What will be my tax rate if I work in afghanistan as a Contractor? Not under military active duty but supporting the same mission.
Welcome! Thank you for your question.

What state is your residence in? I cannot give you your definitive tax rate because that is based on a whole number of factors including your home state, your total income, any above the line deductions on your tax return. I can give you a picture of home much income is excluded from tax in the US and the qualification for that exclusion.

Please let me know if you still want to talk to me about this information?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Home state CT. Rate at 96,000 per year. I do not know if I have the option to initiate tax deduction. If not , I am trying to figure how much will be asked of me at the end of one year. I generally have no deductions, should I reconsider what is deductible under this role? Will the US give tax breaks to non-military service members overseas in a combat zone? Yes please provide me what you can.
Okay. Now that I have a better idea of what you are asking you are in a great position. You do qualify for the Foreign Earned Income exclusion so long as you have been out of the country earning the income for 330 days of the tax year. The exclusion is $87,600 plus a housing allowance of $26,280. You would be included just like military personnel.

Your income would also not be taxable in CT since you did not earn the income in CT. You would need to file a federal income tax return but can exclude all of your income based on the reported $96,000 gross income. Here is a link to the IRS website regarding the exclusion:,,id=182017,00.html

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