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I met someone online and against my better judgment sent him

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I met someone online and against my better judgment sent him pictures of myself. When I said I would not meet him, he threatened to post them on the Internet. He is trying to blackmail me into sexual favors to keep these pictures private. All communication is via text and the whole conversation has been saved. He is vicious and cruel on a regular basis. I have managed to keep from meeting him so far but he is getting very impatient. What are my rights?
Do you know this person's actual identity and where he lives?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I know his first name, phone number, where he works, and what he looks like.
This behavior is criminal blackmail. You should contact the police immediately and request a restraining order.

Have you reported this to the police?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I went in to report it today and the police station was already closed and pla to go back tomorrow.
Allright. That is the first step is to get the police involved.

You also need to stop all communication with this individual. Don't answer any text, emails, phone calls, etc. Cut him off completely.

If he does post something online, then you have several options. You can get an order through the criminal restraining order to have the site remove any improper material.

You can also sue the website itself for unauthorized use of your image. In short, the website becomes responsible when any kind of nude photographs of you are posted without your authorization and permission.

Please let me know if you have any further questions. I'm here to help. If you are satisfied with the answer, please rate my answer so I may receive credit for my work. If you are not satisfied, please let me know what else I can do for you before rating my work.

Thanks and Stay Safe,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Am I going to have to somehow try to monitor whether or not he has posted them? I would not even have the first clue on where to look.
Well, you've hit on a problem to which there is no answer. the only way to protect against the unauthorized use of the photos is to monitor websites.

At this point, that is all you can do. However, when you request the restraining order, you can also request that the court issue an injunction forcing him to turn over the photographs. You could potentially even force him to turn over his computer for inspection so that you can ensure that the photos have been removed from his hard drive.

However, once you send photographs in a digital format to someone else, you completely lose control of the photographs and it becomes almost impossible to insure that they will never be published.
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