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Here it goes... I got divorced a year ago. There was no mention

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Here it goes... I got divorced a year ago. There was no mention of the 7 horses that I was
left with. I paid for the initial cost, wrote out the check for one of the horses, and even got a loan that I am still paying for at this very moment (by myself), the bill of sale is still in my husband's name, the registration is in my 21 year old daughter's name and my exhusband is saying he
doesn't want to have any part of this. My daughter of course is being a little dickins and thinks this VERY expensive horse is soley hers. My question is should this horse be mine? Is there a way to switch the bill of sale to my name and then the registration? This is through the USIHC which is the Icelandic Horse Association. If my ex does not want any part of this and my daughter and her boyfriend have already tried once to steel 4 of the 7 horses..... I tried to say this whole horse issue should be a 50/50 thing but I am not thinking that now. This horse I am talking about now is on my land and I am paying costs 100%. Can I switch this around without my husband's involvment?
You say that your divorce papers did not specifically state anything about the horses. However, did it state anything about the "remainder" of property?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

There is no mention in the martial agreement of any of the horses or horse trailer. There is one line that states "household furnishings, appliances and personal possessions in the possession of myself shall remain mine. I was left with 2 dogs, 2 chickens, 6 cats , and 7 horses and our daughter that just recently moved out and in with her boyfriend. I wrote her a letter to tell her she was welcome to help or ride the horses only while I was at home, because 2 weeks ago her boyfriend and herself tried to remove the 4 most valuable of the herd. Most of the horses are registered in my daughters name, but I paid for them.


A horse is a personal possession. Thus, since the horses are at the house and were left with you, they were awarded to you under the divorce order.

The fact that the horse is registered with the USIHC is not determinative as to ownership of the horse. That is simply a non-governmental private registry which talks more about the horse's breed than it does ownership rights.

That being the case, you are free to sale the horses as you see fit. If you need to get the horses registered with USIHC in your name that may be another matter. I've read through the USIHC rules regarding registration. You will need to contact them to tell them that you are now the owner of the horses and want the registration changed to reflect that you are the owner. They don't have to do this, and it doesn't matter in the end, as the registration is not like a car title, it only certifies that the horses are of a specific breed. However, they will likely cooperate with you and change the name on the certificate to show that you own the horses.

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