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Is it illegal to do video sex chatting on a website called

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Is it illegal to do video sex chatting on a website called chatroullette? Sometimes this site shows people exposing themselves. I am sure some of those people are minors. I was wonderring if I was breaking the law by signing into this site. I am there to meet an adult but I am afraid of someone lying about their age and thus resulting in me breaking the law.
You are wise to be a cautious regarding this matter. Child pornograph prohibits the actual viewing of a child on your computer. If the site you are going to use has someone else that is looking at pornographic images of a child (be they recordings or live), your logging onto the cite does not violate the law unless you open and look at these images too. In short, as long as you don't open and look at the images, you are not breaking the law.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I am still a bit unclear. On this website it randomly connects 2 people together. As soon as you tell it to connect to others, it starts conneccting to others. It keeps flipping from person to person until you beginning chatting with them. At times people have their cameras all ready on. Some of them are all ready exposing themselves. At other times, the camera is not turned on yet and people start chatting. So you discuss things and then decide if you want to turn on the camera and what you want to show. I know that just because someone says they are of a certain age that that does not mean that they are. So my question is "How can I talk, chat, video conference with another consenting adult without breaking the law by being mislead by a minor or someone under age that has lied about their age making me believe that they are an adult?"
Thank you for clarifying the question. Technically, any knowing action you take that leads to a pornographic image of a child coming onto your computer could give rise to a charge under 18 U.S.C. § 1466A. You have a defense to such charge if when you use the website to which you are referring in your question, you immediately stop using the site and report it to the police upon discovering any child pornography on the website. On the other hand, if you continue using the website and it continues automatically scrolling through pictures which are child pornography, you have technically violated the above-referenced law. If for some reason your computer was seized by law enforcement, you would be in danger of being charged with a crime. So, in short, if you know the website might randomly bring up live pornographic shots of underage children, then you should not use the website for the purposes of connecting with an adult. In other words, you need to find another platform.
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